Friday, August 08, 2008

bread moulds,
flowers wither
and every moment,
the last breath of life
leaves someone.

is there really an expiry date for every single thing on the face of the earth?
what about love?
what about friendship?
what about kinship?

do they all end when you die?
they're definitely not something i'd be able to carry down to my grave,
highly untangible.

but i was just wondering,
BFF, boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, lovers, good friends, family...
what if one day they all expired, leaving me alone.
would the love, the friendship the kinship still remain.
or will all ties just be cut off at the snip of a scissors?
or if it were the other way round,
and i was lying six feet under,
would i be forgotten along with all those ties.

when forever is said.
do they really mean it?
all the love forever.
cos forever could be shooting out of their mouths
and the next moment,
the relationship has been shot dead.
by who else but the "forever giver"
forever scares me.

i don want to live forever.
i don want someone to pin on forever.

i'm only just beginning to see the real you.
"when we touch" by olivia something.

that plus "falling out" brings the drops on.

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