Sunday, August 03, 2008

swept away..

by The Last Concubine

yesterday was meant to be studying day since i couldn dance.
but as always, i got distracted.
i don't understand how people can ever get bored at home.
time passes waaay too fast in mine to ever get bored,
even if i were stoning my ass off, i would still feel very much occupied.
what i really dread is the feeeling of being forced to be stuck at some dreary event with people who don like socialising. that's the worst!

but the main thing was,
apart from all the nitty gritty distractions and hounding from both brothers for food...

i was truely and surely captivated and enchanted by
The Last Concubine.

ever since memoirs of a geisha came out, i've always been so entranced by the Japanese way of life in that era. the grandeur portrayed in the book was just mindblowing.everything was so well captured in words that i felt myself in it.
shoguns, concubines, samurai, emperors, kimono, wars, palaces.

i would so very love to go back to that era of simple life.
charm like a geisha, toll like a farmer, fight like a samurai and serve like a concubine. it's amazing how strong the people were then. and the whole idea of hand to hand battle ala samurai style is so much more honourable then firing away with bullets.

the culture in japan is so rich. so much history, so many different phases, eras, way of life. well sans the fact the shit they did in world war 2. it has that charm.

i will go to japan one fine day.

it's 4pm and i'm just about to start work. OH. THE. HORROR.
siggggh screw you school.

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