Monday, June 23, 2008


first day of school was only half an hour of going through our math paper.
got kicked in the ass by math ):
i mean, honestly, 32.5/44.
din study that hard for this paper so yupp, i totally deserved it. i still remember spending the day before playing with loco for 8 over hours. i miss you loco.

and dance..
vetting coming up soon.
got a feeling i'll be so out of foong's item.
i can't believe i was so dumb as to think juniors were out of modern.
harp harp harp, harping on my stewpid insipid mistakes.
their are so many turns that i don't even know which comes first.
the turns all look the same......!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay come next session i gotta work even harder.
must do it go go go go go !!!!! :3

i kinda miss the old me in pri6.
yes, i was kuku as hell
but my life had this focus, this motivation that is just totally gone now.
sometimes i just wonder where that zest has gone to...

i started reading blogs and i forgotten but i wanted to write.
k thanks bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jya mata!

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