Thursday, June 19, 2008

i got so disheartened today.
firstly, i suck at balance. what pirouettes and sa-something. i screw up turns all the time. alll . theee. timeee. and there were so many turns in the whole dance.

secondly, i just realised that we HAD to go for modern training for vibes. i thought that the whole junior out of senior's item thing applied. felt like an idiot. i mean really. if only i clarified when my gut feeling told me too. now i could veyr well be out from foong's item even cos i just TRIED learning the choreo today.

angry is an understatement as to what i feel about myself.

everything seems out of sync these days.
i feel like a loser.
i really think i suck.
i think i cant ace long dist anymore.
i think my dance is lousy.
i dunno what to do with my house.
i feeel so angsty.
i feel fat.
i feel ugly.
i feel incompetent.

all i wanna do is schmooze up into my bed. nice toasty on a super cold rainy day, with my cats huddled with me, with love psychedelico playing. on a dark afternoon, i don like being alone at night. when i feel like it, i'll watch love movies revolving around high schools, or witchcraft kinda movies like the craft..... awwwwww. !%$@1643!^@$#*!4316#$!42#176 tkk ):

being around vin has made me veyr vulgar. i'm not saying i was an angel before. but in the past i was only vulgar around my brother. now i have a brother who's with me close to 24/7 so i become vulgar almost 24/7.

i want more oversized shirts. and socks. normal-sized ankle socks.

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