Wednesday, June 18, 2008


the blog's been dead for quite a while. tons of stuff have happened and it's all jumbled up here there and everywhere.

i miss loco, missed him, still miss him and will always miss him. that two weeks was short but amazingly sweet and unforgettable. it was pretty hard to accept initially, just a few days before it was hanging around with us in the room, even pawed his way and cuddled and fell asleep on vin's armpit. kitty heaven :3

there was TBG which was dropass dopeshit.... i'll totally just kill to dance on the same stage as them- WCO, BS brothers, O Crew....

EMPATHIA CLASS steamboat, i miss those bakas so very much. it was damn damn damn fun chatting with them all the way, though there were times when i was floating about lost. sometimes there comes a point in time when you realise you don fit into conversations anywhere. all the girls went to jc, so many in the same jc. at least there were guys in poly but.... ._. i don know how to continue.

have had some major technology screwup. i'm not fated to handle atas techno bling. phone in servicing ( new some more ): ) , new camera screwed up but all fine now! the camera, not my phone ): . i've been craving for a flip phone for so so so so so veyr long but now ....... ahhhhhhhh i cant seem to find a good one. the one i thought was good just died on me!!!!! my few days old phone just died on meeeeee!!!!!!!!!! AHHHhhHHhHHhHHHhh. if that one i got get's fixed..... and if it really really really still sucks .__. , i'll probable trade it in for that diamond sony one, the lg one or that second hand vodafone one. WHY AM I SO TECHNOLOGY STUPID??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mood these days hve been erratic. maybe i've inherited panic attack, i dunno. honestly. it scares me.

just finished watching hana kimi. I'M full on supporter of jap drama. i think taiwanese ones suck, those the acting is blah and most of them are adaptations from jap dramas so might as well catch the real deal right? korean drama is very very very draggggy.

the plan on getting fit this two week hols were all thrashed. but dance has been amazing :) every single session just gets me hyped up. when i see the seniors dance, sometimes it's just amzing. that mixed up feelings. sometimes i'm so awed i wanna go all out and improve myself but sometimes i feel so disheartened cos it's such an ardous journey to reach that stage. i'm not exactly who i used to be, certain mindsets have changed for the better. but still, some darkies still linger strong.

i really wished i planned my stuff better and had more motivation. but after all that's happened, sometimes i just think to myself that life is so short. why push myself so damn hard to fight for eveyrthing when at the end of the day i carry nothing with me six feet under. but then again, things don't work out like that. this is singapore. i'm not living on a mountain in japan where i cna grow mushrooms and eat tree bark outside my house. this whole thing is a damn contradiction :3

some days i really feel like runnimg but sometimes i'm so afraid of pushing my knee too hard. the pain isn something i'm going to mess with. i can only blame myself. all that crazy dieting and excessive exercise in the past, but i stil wasn happy. and i wrecked my body which i deeply deeply dman deeply regret. glucosamine glucosamine!!!!

why is the scenery in singapore so unromantic, so boring and so un gorgeous. i either see buildings or planted horticulture. please don count botanic gardens as romantic, i really love prue bred nature grown stuff. i don exactly count a plant with a sign reading something like scientific name: fattyplantosmonster as part of a very romantic scene . see a mimosa growing by the roadside glows me up, especially with mimosa flowers accompanying.

daisukidasen, ksan.

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