Monday, June 02, 2008

the blog's been stagnant for a really long time now. last week was one very hectic week, not in school at least.

the demise of my paternal grandma was just so sudden , i guess it caught the whole family by shock. regrets abound and teardrops cascading ,all those from the paternal side paid their last respects.

this isn't going to be one emo post. it's just a pretty interesting one, not to make light of the death of my grandma or anything but life just has some really interesting tricks twisted around it's fingers.

i have never ever attended any funerals in my 16 years of living apart from my dad's one, which i was also kinda young to remember much actually. this was my first and my first ( well fully aware ) was the one whereby i went through the whole tradition chinese on with the wake and funeral and prayers.

i finally understand why chinese favour males so much, so much of the tradition funeral proceedings need the males to take part in as a key role. i guess my grandma's a really lucky woman to have really filial sons, their job is so tedious, it's just really heart rending to see them have to go through it all.

the prayers were long and the time i spent at the wake and funeral were even longer. i guessed missing 4 days in school is quite a large amount of missed schoolwork so i pretty much expect myself to screw up term tests. that on top of the fact that i wasted my whole fri (after school) and most of my sat doing everything else but studying.

wed night's prayers were the most heart rending and emotionally turbulent ones. its brought out so much tears. the final scene by the roadside, the offerings going up in flames, the loved ones crying with mixed emotions... it's just overwhelming.

i was really surprised when my mum told me that my dad's one was much much much more grand than my grandma's one. all i could remember was feeding him with orange dessicated coconut while he lay on some upholstered kinda sheet by the letter box. so yep, in my past 14 years since his death, i always thought that his funeral proceeding were well... normal. not shabby , not grand, just normal. guessed i was wrong , my bro told me that there was even a life sized paper car offering. my mum said his funeral area spanned all the way till the kidney foundation area which is like 3 to 4 times the area my grandma had. i used to miss him a lot when i was younger. now i just think of him (: and when i look at his pictures i just find him really good looking and super jappy. and at times i wished he were around so that i'll know all the interesting things about him first hand. but well, everything in life happens for a reason.

it's just really heart warming to see the family getting together to pay their last respects and it's the fact that the seperation from a loved one could actually bring together the relatives cause them to grow closer.



just to all the people vin and i have been webcamming with .. :D
we present to you the YAMADE and KIMUCHI!
yes yes it's the really dumb coordinated actions that we do together...

shit i cant find any the KIMUCHI phots. but here are the YAMADE ones!!
at least i'm doing it :D
hahaha have fun guessing where the heck we got yamade and kimuchi from :DDD

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