Friday, May 16, 2008

wish upon a balloon

i kept writing and writing and writing. how come my wishes were so never ending?
and there was the eye liner, one short , sweet and true wish.
every 16, two balloon shall soar, up from a hill, with wishes brought to the sky.

where does the ocean go?

where do i go? where's the next stop?
there's dance coming up, how will i do?
there's tests and exams coming up, how would i fair?
there's people and cliques, how would i gel?

cowardly as it may seem,i miss my old comfort zones.
the times when i'll snooze in the bus and spring awake just when the bus stops in school. i'll drag my heavy feet up to level2, drag myself into class, plonk down on the chair and sleep. the minutes go by , noises start tuning in and william tell starts to play...

the sea of white, those stairs, that beautiful lake, those wonderful people.
i miss them, all that's left are now fragments of my memories, those intangible fragments.

back then, it was a routine. but there were still times when i told myself that all these things around me would come to an end. no matter how mundane they seemed to be, i knew i'll miss them on retrospect. now i'll climb those same steps, i'll walk past that same lake, i'll see the same see of white, i'll see those wonderful people. but everything would never be the same.

everyone's gone their own ways.
when will we all meet again? when will we all meet, together?
when we look back now, will those jokes still be funny?

everytime i turn on my phone,
" fate died when the road reached a fork, "
would appear.
heartbroken when J left me, i wrote that qoute.
because it seemed like everything that happened back then was all our doing, in east view we were always put together somehow, even without trying.
the fork came when we went to seperate secondary schools then chance never came.
i remember sitting 31 back home everyday. it didnt matter that i wasted so much time, i just wanted to see him.

but i never did. never once in that 8 months together did i bump into him by accident, by fate's doing perphaps.

i'll never forget that qoute.
because it's a constant reminder that no matter how hard one may try to make lives entwine, everything could still be futile when seperate paths open up and fate doesn permit.

i miss my days in chung cheng so much, so very much.

a different rendition of No One. Alicia keys packs the powere but she takes the rein.
the emotion is just heartbreaking.

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