Wednesday, January 30, 2008

outing with brian was yayness :D

swaku me had my first time in vivo golden village.
watched 27 Dresses which is a really great movie !
din have me slobbering all the way like some good movies do but i think the mix of light-hearted and heart-tugging scenes are really well done.

i especially love the part she was cussing at the top of her voice into someone's 50th anniversary party!

oh oh and we are lucky!!!!
we got to see Fann Wong and Mark Lee in that outifit they're in for the poster of that Gangster-something movie.
It was the premier for that movie-damn coolio:

they had all these guys wearing black suits and holding fake parangs, forming that "overhead bridge" thingy with the parangs and going "dage!dage!" as fann and mark walked through.
too bad brian din get to catch it on his phone cos it was in the wrong mode.

had starbucks iced latte mocha which is good (: not too sweet for me and we just chatted away about all sorts of stuff from his Batman stuff in K2, to his michael jakson moves in K1 to marikita, then to pineapple tarts and skipping new year, and love and results plus cca.... endless!

he got me a gift form HK which is uber cute! it's the thing with the bobbing head powered by solar. mine's more special! sitting on toilet reading or studying, either one. it's pink though, but never mind! the toilet bowl and books are blue! :D supposed to calm me down when i feel down or frustrated, ahhhh new study partner (: thanks briyanni!


reggae remix (: man, powerhouse vocals

reggae course choreo song (:

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