Sunday, February 03, 2008

work at Pawfrenz has been wonderful (:

thanks szewan for the intro!
it's been animals, funny colleagues and great bosses.
it's the epitome of a great job.

i'm esp attached to Jack , it's just the fact that he hates strangers and will bark like nuts when he sees them. haha so it's pretty heartening when you walk to the toilet and he does not bark at you at all. somehow i love sticking my hand into his cage to touch him ( though lucas says that one day if jack gets hungry, he'll bite me -____- ) and see him looking back at me with his dark eyes :D handsome fella.

if i were to keep a dog, i'll pick a large dog and definitely no moppy longhaired maltese or shihtzus... though a rottweiler is definitely not going to be put into consideration.
the scars on vin's leg and lucas' arm are enough to scare me.

i'm fat.
i'm an ass.
i wish i could starve like i used to.
i pretty much hate who i am now.
inside and out.

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