Friday, January 18, 2008

chicken-backside emotions

O.M.F.A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deluge of kuku-headed-chicken-backside emotions.

that is the biggest partypooper of 08'.
it's a reality check that the lovely halcyon days without stupid mugging are about to end T_T
the things i'll do to go through 13 nov end of O's 07' again. HA.

reggae yesterday was YAY. i feel so happy and squishy cos i din screw up (: well it's basics. a lot of booty action yesterday, left,right,front,back. all different beats coming in!

lucky i din go for course2 even though everyone said course one would be so basic it would be boring. i think it's easier paced and i can control my body better now! haha wheee. never mind the lousy choreo catching up, i'll try to be more focused and not so conscious. CAN DO IT! MUST DO IT!

YAY VIN IS IN POPPING1 ! next week comes GUOXIANG joining!
used to be very conscious about dancing at home (so i never did) since vin's here but now that he's so enthu about dance....... i got partner! haha though the styles crash like crazy ._. but still.. better than nothing!

kitchen finally getting cleaned up. room was too before kena axed and banned by ma ):
AWESOME MARIA MAID TAG TEAM :D bleedy influx of roaches also. damn chicken backside.

oh haha. i became superman today.
i practically flew off my bike while cycling at east coast with vin. damn malu. groups of vj ppl were walking towards their bbq pits and i just flew out of my bike.
it was my bag and the basket's fault. BASKET! HAHA! super huge red,raw wound on my left knee now.
my bag strap came out of the basket and tangled with the wheel and caused it to cock up and for me to FLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

something like this........

HAHA. so kuku right! not grass though, i just think grass with flowers nicer haha.
new words in my dictionary,
harmlessly crude :D

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