Friday, March 16, 2007

oh haha its just been dead for so long because i stupidly thought the new blogger thing would be super leychey.

dance training has been super hardcore in the stuffy grand audi. the 4 hours of training on wed left me walking like a duck and with super humongous bruises.
the number of turns have increased to TWO *pulls hair out in exasperation*; i'm really really scared i cant do it and i'll just be pulled out of the move. diedie must get it right, diedie must get it right...

the hols is coming to an end the only thing i really managed to enjoy was the one trip to Sentosa- UnderwaterWorld. it'll probably be waaaaaaaay long before the next outing to somewhere more $$$mining.

i <3<3<3 my bro cos he's the best most retarded bro and the ONLY SUPERMARKET SHOPPING COMPANION i have who is also my dustbin.

i'm currently spam eating seaweeeeed! oh love! its hell nice. all thanks to vincent! speaking of which, i felt damn dumb today. COS I GOT DATES MIXED UP! *bangs head on wall* log/surd/indices at parkway was on NINEMARCH and i thought it was today. so basically, i went to parkway for nothing. at least i got my seaweed and i managed to teach(i hope ._.) vincent remainder theorem.

random doodles in my ultra-vandalised handbook.
fashioned it out of inspiration from theveronicas-speechless.

been waiting ,
i guess my happy bubble burst.

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