Friday, March 23, 2007

i would kill to dance like i could before.
i hate my injured leg
i hate my injured leg
i hate my injured leg

dear tear tap of mine almost came on during dance today. i'm feeling so damn useless; i cant even do a simple split now, syf is in a month and i have yet to master my 2-turn movement. what an untimely injury, my right leg somemore.its like i'm suddenly handicapped. seeing the other 5 of them do it and then hear denglaoshi's praise totally ripped me apart.

all i could do was stand there.

its bad enough i havent mastered it yet, now i cant even train to make myself better. i'm drop dead envious of the rest, the confidence they exude- something i'll probably never have.

damn my injury.
i think a part of me died today.

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