Sunday, October 15, 2006

graduation day was so heartstring tugging.

mans, i wanted to cry at some parts. and it isnt even my graduation! i better prepare a box of tissue paper next year.and i totally loved 4it's video it was super super WOW. 4dl's one was real nice too.

i din take picture with the smurfyappleeatinglover aka chuachialing but i gave her her apple though! gosh, i'm so gonna miss lame crapping with her.

caught DEATHNOTE with the team. wah, its hell nice ! mans, i hope the sequel's gonna be out soon!!! i so dman cant wait lah. the outing with them was fun even though i left early. tauhuey doing the drum thing was damn damn funny!! esp when he miss lah.

afterwhich i met brian, and we had a nice long talk (: . sorry for not finishing the frap yea!

hmm. okay the post is short i dunno why either, i just cant get anything out of my brain

but yea, HOOOOO EXAMS ARE OVER. barefooters would be getting a gig i hope :D team must go out more. and and, i'm babbling but i have a strong urge to scratch LCL's car cos i got a gut feeling he gonna be damn kiam siap. ):

okay Bye ppl!

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