Friday, October 20, 2006

Ahh, back from temasek polys dance recital GEM 2006 sweat’it out :D the whole thing was a total success!

The 11 of us did feel a little out of place. Not that the dancers from tp were isolating us or anything, in fact, they were really nice towards us :D . I guess it was just that we were a guest performance and not part of the whole production from the start. So that adrenaline rush and zest wasn that much as the other dancers. But yea, I totally know how they feel :D


Graffiti was totally mind blowing. And qiao wei is my idol mans, she’s like so damn versatile its just WHOA. I’m totally blown away by all the moves. HOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

And again, ITS SUCH A WASTE CCH DOESN HAVE MALE DANCERS. Actually its more of a waste that we don have hip hop cos I seriously doubt guys were wanna do our dances.

Tp like one of my dream choices since they offer biomedical sciences PLUS veterinary sciences in the third year, the fact that their dance team is ssooooooo gooood is like such a plus point! :D

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