Sunday, October 29, 2006

they were way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay HOTTER at the real thing itself.

and the guys voice at the starting of the video super spoiler .__.

BLC no more? well stay as a team (: just no longer the was a chain mans, linked together by the relations. if they din rock so much,lessons would have been meaningless.

oh well, O LEVEL CHINESE TOMORROW. freak out mans freak out.
and still got denglaoshi dance for open house ): sian, im staying home this week and i got to go back so many times for dance. !$!$%@#!!@*

but i'm looking forward to the 19nov! at mountbatten cc! barefooters performance outside! :D just too bad ahma wont be there ):

dance is a conversation-
talk to me

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