Friday, October 13, 2006

Dyane made me do this test. To that I only have to say.
And I’m not SIAN now that the exams are over. :D

1.single, taken or crushing?

2.are you happy with your life now? as in now?
eh. Now that the exams are over. HELL YEA. But still, I’ve got some major issues

3.when you meet the right person, do you fall in love with him fast?
I prefer to take things slow (:

4.have you ever had your heart broken?
I’ll be the greatest liar if I said no. you believe there are some circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?
NO. Why love when you intend to cheat?

6.would you take someone back if he cheats on you?
i guess I would if I felt really strongly for him.

7.have you ever talk about marriage with another before?
haha yea :D just talked about it with ah ma today! you want children?
:D definitely many?
2. one boy one girl (:

10.would you consider adoption?
hmmm, why not?

11.if someone likes you right now, what do you think is the best way to let you know his feelings? just telling me? you enjoy getting into relationship?
it really depends on the other half. honest, what is the furthest you and your ex did?
cross my heart. Not even first base (: you believe in love first sight?

15. Are you romantic?
I guess.

16. Do you believe you can change someone?
yea I guess. But depends, if I’m trying to persuade a stubborn mule forget it.

17. if you could be married somewhere, where would it be?
would love one at the zoo. Let’s hope I get a spunky husband. you easily give in when you are fighting?
I give in without even fighting. you have feelings for someone right now?
that’s for me to know wahahhaha.

20.have you ever wished that you could have had someone but you messed it up?
so far not yet

21.have you ever broken a heart?
I dunno. No one’s told me anything yet.

22.if one day your best friend fall in love with the girl/boy you deeply in love with, what would you do?
nothing. I’ll wish her well if he chooses her (: though I’ll feel a bit out-of-place

23.are you missing someone now?
Someone’s past . yes.

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