Monday, October 02, 2006


please laugh at our gay genie and act cute tsz(oldpic)



oh mans, i'm still floating on air today. yesterday was just WHOA. the lightbulb lighting up then flashing out repeatedly- that was sheer cruelty and mental torture man. almost died from all that suspense.

but what the heck, i so want to go back to that moment now. let last night's events unfold again. damn, i miss that adrenaline high.

life is cruel, just when i'm basking in the whole journey everything comes to a fulstop. i miss the mind wrecking rehearsals, i miss the late nights in school, i miss the creepy lt, i miss the meals we had together, i miss every single one of our jokes, i miss the talk i had with ah lian at the concourse, i miss cheering the team on ......

GAH.shall look at the finer sides :D and stop the brooding. I"M PROUD OF THE TEAM we pulled through to the last minute even when everything was cocking up like one day before the actual thing. come to think of it, its like that every single time. the team's pretty diff from the one at first. now we have 12 members. and missing out on anyone of them would just be so wrong.

jinyao and twin may have joined only for the last two rounds but mans, they hold on strong sia. our future wahid sehh jin yao ( private joke! )we've had tons of private jokes. everyone of them has just been replaying up in my mind; our new religion, GG, scribers thrown at beans heh heh, scamming mr kuek, gw's world.....

i dunno what to write now cos the feelings so hard to descibe}

but yea.

donson who's like the da ge
guowei the a bit naggy leader
cheryl the coordinator, without her, the team wouldn even be here.
kaying our piggy and my nice companion to tease ahlian and kc.hoohooo
chanhong the woodwork pro and guineapig of my costume making skills!
kc =gayactcutebugger another woodwork pro
jinyao the next wahid .prodigyyyy
twin for koping snacks! and being my twin!
chinzheng our door and lameass zabor drooler
siawhui the potential picasso
sam for being part of the team

many loves for being so wonderful guys!
and for keeping me warm at the backstage when i was freezing up:

thanks loads!
}MR WAHID! our god!
}all the teachers who pia-ed with us
esp, mr kuek and ms zheng and ms wong
}rest of the dnt teachers
}COUNCILLORS YOU GUYS WERE HOOOOOlicious morale boosting pros!
)ruihao,junwei,vincent for being so on and helping out :D

11 bian's time together isnt ending :) its just about to get more more more!
and yes i got a bet to carry out after eoys.

(p.s: sadly, i've got no pics at the moment but i'll upload then when the team sends the rest to me. GAH :( i've rounded up again. so you'll see an even more CIRCULAR fishball.*bounces against the wall bawling* so suay ._. !)

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