Sunday, May 02, 2010


I haven't worked a proper job in quite a bit, it's just been my blogshop for the past one over year? Even so, that was pretty erratic. So now that I'm on a revival with the shop, I'm just trying to earn/save as much money so that i can do a good one. Not crazy penniless but all my cash already has somewhere to go to and i need that sense of security from money.

Benji needed someone for a stand in and i jumped at the chance! It's at tampines one very very short working hours, pay's good ( i love events jobs) so for about 5-6 hours of work i got $60 which is awesome! But they are currently gonna be chanelled to namecards/boards/clothes rack for the upcoming flea sooo yea... nothing for me.

Apart from freezing my butt off, getting snubbed by annoying kids i'd say it's pretty great.
All that i had to do was to walk up to strangers and getting them to try the free face/body painting, when you say it's FREE. Their "er no thanks" immediately changes.


Last day of work, tada!

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