Sunday, May 09, 2010

jade lee xinyi. i miss you.
goh min yu. i miss you.
yeo jia hui jonas. i miss you.
brian cheok zhiming. i miss you.
fat boy, you know i always do.

okay that was random but yea i miss the above a lot. A whole lot.

Anyway, FLEA TODAY WAS BAD): Was really looking forward to tons of sales because well, i trust FMI and their fleas. But it sucked. Slow traffic and even worse location within the place D: Guess it's all about mother's day and it's sunday.. people just wanna curl up in a ball on their beds to wait for monday. And hearing that yesterday's flea was WAY better made me feel like. shiiit why dint i take it. But well, more fleas to come! I'm not giving up.

And i kinda dislike my voice.

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