Thursday, April 08, 2010


Day 1 of trying to get my money back was a failure.
Now there's nothing i can do but wait wait wait it all out....
Until the culprit steps out with actions or declarations of some sort the 18 brands can only hope for the best ):
I just want my cash back, 1.7k would really help me out alot in building up the new brand. A whole lot. Sigh what untimely nonsense to be having me trip over my new startup.

I've thought, baby has asked me, my mum has asked me ,
What if you don't get the money back?
I just told them,
I'll sit on the floor and cry.
No seriously, i would. That plus make sure i come back with a limb of the laundering fucker to make up for it. tmd.

The past 2 days have been crazy for me, my emotional metronome goes from alright to angry to sad to cynic to touched to happy and repeats. It's all thanks to my mum and yobo that the spectrum gets so wide otherwise it'll just be categorised under FUCKED UP, they push every thing back up with the little thoughts and actions, but still....i slip. And my vulgarity meter has hit an all time high, everything for me now is fuck-this-fuck-that-fuck-him-fuck-her-fuck-i-want-my-money-back.
I got to change, fuck needs to stop replacing my punctuations.

Very thankful to have the sweetest boyfriend on earth to accompany me down to the shops to clear my doubts, to stand up for me when something slips my mind or when things don't seem so right. Also my conspiring bitching partner as he listens to my whining and fears and joins in as we try to figure out what the hell is happening. Comforting me when i start to emo, thinking about how my gorgeous 1.7K is just spreading it's pretty little wings and flapping away D: And of course cheering me up with the silliest sometimes most idiotic nonsense ever, and the love. I could never forget the love.
I love you jacky lam of fat,
Thank you for everything (:
trust okay?

Of course not forgetting my mum who when i told her what happened,
immediately had her maternal instincts kicking in...
" If they don't pay you back the deposit, tell me.
I will go down there and make sure they give it to you.
I will not let anyone take advantage of my daughter! "
Awwww, swear my heart was melting on the inside.
Thank you mommmy <3<3

Even if i do not get back my money ( which i fucking hope wont turn out this way ),
I'm not going to let this get me down.
1.7k is only a small part of the many thousands i hope to make in the future + i wisened up with all my BLACK&WHITEBLACK&WHITE thoughts.

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