Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Edited the skin ! Black was getting a bit too gloomy for me and it was quite a well mark during those emotional days but since I'm so much more smiles now, i thought i'd do with a change. I guess it's just me to like pairing any part of change in me with a more tangible change.

Schools been okay, but all my stuff are still everywhere D: Got.to.get.it.done.by.this.weekend.
okay busy day later on, it's 6 in the morning. Gotta be up early, head down to cantonment PS to file a report with the other owners, freaking ahole's gone into hiding. Then rush back to school for csas and lecture and then down to town again to haji to stock up. I wish i could teleport.

Still in the midst of fixing kohlandrouge's site D: it's draining me out major, i think i'd have to make a fill in till a web expert comes along. Not totally digging the current banner much, but i've other pressing stuff so till then. This shall do.

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