Monday, March 01, 2010


I wished i could niptuck my way to perfection that when i'm standing buck naked infront of the mirror i dont feel the urge to just erase away my own reflection. When the clothes, the makeup, when everything is off i dont feel so insecure about everything that i wish i could put them all back on. That i no longer need the makeup and everything else to make me feel alright, that all these would make me feel wonderful because i was alright to start with. Why am i back to zero again? just a week ago or so ago i walked out of the house in my jeans and bustier, feeling fat and unattractive but i still did then i felt alright. Now i just shun away from everthing that i feel has been making me look awful, and i feel awful regardless. How do some girl feel so comfortable in their own skin?

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