Sunday, March 14, 2010

my holidays so far havent been exactly bad but it's been far from what i've wanted. Spent 5 days taking care of grandpa when he came over, 4 days down with fever and now i've gottta stay home more days and be my mum's chaperone through and from work. Okay, it sounds pretty bad but yea i am kinda complaining because i'm not much of a stay home fan. I cant glue my eyes to the computer hours on end and be entertained.

Finally went out last night and it rained! I've been waiting so long for it to rain. Everything was just getting parchy and humid and the weather was just disturbing, there was a forest fire in the tampines region and when my 168 passed the charred smell seeped into the bus. So proud of yobo with the krump :D it was awesome and lucky it ended just before the rain.

I've fallen in love with audrey kawasaki's work, it's gonna be a long climb for me to get back my physical state, i've gotten rashes for the bastard medication and if my holiday ensues like this i am really going to cry.

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