Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's going to be a new year in 2 days time, as cliche as it sounds every single year.
Time flies... and it scares the hell out of me.

During the last reggae training hakeem was breaking out in pre-30-life-crisis -____- which was damn funny but thinking back, it's not too far away. I remember all the times years back, year after year that i wondered what the following years would be like. And here i am, the present was the future i wondered about in the past. Before i know it, I'd be 30. And all the what if's aren't the best thoughts to have, because who ever thinks about the positive what ifs?

That aside, I've always been a few steps slower in resolutions and retrospect and all that.
It'll probably hit me around 6 or 7 jan or maybe later that,
it's a new year.
And it is a new start.
I should finally.... after all these years of making resolutions in diaries and accidentally-on-purpose skipping those pages, living in denial, not keeping any of them or not even making them...finally make proper possibly tangible ones and stick to them.

I need to wake up, I'm 18.
And even though i've spent the past year juggling studies, dance, family, relationships, friendships and being financially independent...it's just been lacklustre.
And that just isn't enough.

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