Thursday, December 10, 2009

over runneth


"Over runneth... please stop",
lips quivering, wispy breathed and a crystal dew.

Oh those bright light, those city lights, those night lights, those days alight..
she had her eyes on all that.
The glamour, the glitz, the prizes, the laurels....
the life she never had.
She fought, she clambered, she found her way through, but there she was,
keeling over.

" It's not here..."
another trickle, another stream, another tear and one more fear.

A little over the edge,
a little too many skeletons to hide. Is it here?
Too many bricks to build over, a strong front to hide all the secrets. Too many.
Is it here?
All. All here.
Here they were,
flowing, out of her grasp...
flowing, over runneth.

The lids shut, the lashes flutter, that delicate trail dancing off that little masquerade.
" Óigame gritar"
Óigame gritar...
Óigame gritar....

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