Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If i err, it's instinct.


Not one of my bright shiny happy days, but not the worst. Today, i learnt the word "speechless" again. Yes, how simple words on a small little screen can leave me feeling so helpless.
I'm in denial again, that's what i do best when things arent peachy.
Push them to the back of my head and leave them there, absolutely unwilling to deal with it.

To err is human, but i've always known how to control.
This time it's instinct, i'll see how the days go by.
i think i read somewhere that,

" We are all looking for someone to take the pain away".
I tried pretty hard to chuckle at that line, clearly attempting to pull myself away from that.
Denial, audrey.
That's what you call denial.

Well, i'm off to submerge myself in 2 more retests, projects and open house trainings. I'm no longer looking forward. Well, suck it up honey. Time isnt for wasting on your petty little emotions , deal with them later. I think you forgot about my extreme tendencies.
Óigame gritar.

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