Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When you tire,


It was a pretty rough start out for a week, but it still passed. 1.23am - now, Thursday morning and before i know it, it's going to be my faved weekends that will go by too quickly for my liking. My weekends have officially been filled to the brim and sometimes i kinda wished i had the luxury of time of some who go " This weekend is boring ", yea, I'd love to sap some of their weekends so i could do more things.

And i'm tired. Not so much mentally, my puny little brain is actually raring to go, actually. Because i havent made time to sit down, plan all my little dreams and goals, jot them down on paper. Sigh, yes. What they lack now is that tangible factor that will continuously scream in my face every time i peek into my book. Now they're all hidden behind a screen, you know like how light shines and all you can see is the silhouette of what's behind the screen?

I need to make them more THERE, more IN MY FACE... So that for some weird reason of the way those cogs turn in my head.... I can actually BELIEVE IN MY DREAMS. For now, all that they have on me, is the yepping puppy-dog happiness... sheer excitement ._. I need a fix of the real thing.

And , i'm officially hating drowsy medication, lethal lethal stuff.

Holding on, just for you too baby *wink wink* :>

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