Wednesday, November 25, 2009

kinda, maybe, just a little


What really amazes me is how people can know absolutely nothing about, like zilch, about someone and still hate/dislike/insult them. I'm pretty sure that in some point of everyone's life, they will find someone who has a face that they do not like. That's fine, we all have our peeves, but what will digs into me is when people JUDGE AND HATE AND INSULT. Judge like they know the other party, and hate like they've done them harm. I really don't get it, would it kill to be a lil less mean and a lil more accepting? And what's sad is that people like that are rampant, they are everywhere. Some days it really gets to me when people just flippantly judge and laugh and all, without sparing a single thought for other people. It's two different things when you're naturally tactless and when you're choosing to be tactless. There's something called pride as well? Nobody has any right to trample on someone else's pride in such a way, regardless of who it is, at some point of time, it would hurt. Do people actually bask in the glory of causing someone else pain? Honestly, i think that question was pretty rhetorical.

Okay, so fuck all the people with zero conscience and zero balls , my headaches getting to me, good night.

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