Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Painting a heart together with paint leftover from western painting ( which got a B- O.O ), laughter, blowing raspberries, alala-ing each other, moodiness, dinner, routinely quiet around mother, monster-ish when intimidating presence is gone, cabs and sweet sweet dreams of baby.

This sounds way far-fetched, fluff-filled and in-the-clouds but
I kinda wish that i could do chosen things in my dreams/ choose what i want to dream of.
I remember watching the jetson family and they could choose their dreams, i loved that idea so much
Sounds stupid/bimbotic/fluffy? Yea i know.

But i dream every single night without fail so dreams are important to me.
It would be nice wouldnt it?
While your body is resting you could be making snow angels in alaska, eating crabs in hokkaido, dota-ing till you get crossed eyed and maybe even setting things right with your other half over some issue that made both go to bed fuming.
So much better than the random nonsense i usually get.

Dreaming every night occurs in people with overtly active minds
( aka. people who have alot on their minds/worry too much/.... )

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