Monday, October 26, 2009

make my money worth (:


le zamboooot " Baby how much do you love me? "
me " more than 5 dollars! :D :D "

weeks later
la zambooooot " Baby how much do you love me ? "
me " more than 11 dollars! :D>

still more weeks later......
le zambooooot " Baby how much do you love me? "
me " more than 100 dollars! <3<3>

And the amount increases everytime he asks me,
but deep down the above picture is what truely describes what goes on in my puny brain and heart.
But still.........
So baby, Today i love you more than $15 000. Plus your bubble sms this morning ,
it stands at $21 000 now. teehee!

Today was tedious, i went from
school to lavender, lavender to city hall, city hall to bugis, and bugis to raffles place and now i'm finally back home. And off to school again ._.
But work is work.
I rewarded myself a little, bought some necessities and i am quite broke again
I'm not giving up no matter how tiring this is though, I really want to support myself.

Okay i'm off to see my reggae babies shake their booties then it'll be my dearest bubble boy and back to work.

Just Like Kohl and Rouge <3

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