Wednesday, October 28, 2009



I am a troublesome creature, not only do i have frequent sudden emotional meltdowns, i have the tendency to shoot off halfway what's bothering me as well. And probably the worst part would be that mid sentence/topic i will shut up, realising that i'm not making sense, that everything's coming out wrong and that the person listening is baffled.

Saying something like " I'm upset because of blah blah blah that made me feel like blah blah blah that's why i'm like that now" is impossible for me. I'll fill all the blah blahs with wrong words for some unknown stupidity that i possess and end up being even more upset because that person wont get it. It happened yesterday so i thought about it and i realised..

Analogy. What i needed was an analogy. I cant piece together facts in it's blatant form to complete an apt expression of what's bothering me, but what i can do is make an analogy. To compare something simple to something abstract yet tangible to me in my mind's eye.

This is for you bubble boy, my first analogy to you.
Remember just yesterday when i told you about how i tend to end up touching everything at it's surface when i've got too many things on my mind?

Think of it as me skating on thin ice.
An indebted me , skating over gold filled waters.
apt, very apt .

That's one thing off my head.
Just a random thought, but i've been seeing a lot of guys in headbands.
Not used to it, because as far as i've seen, baby was the first guy whom i met wearing that kind of headband. And now, i've seen a lot of guys wearing them, nothing personal of the sort. Just, not very used to it.

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