Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kohl and rouge.


"if you aren't enjoying yourself; you're doing it wrong"

I finally understood what baby meant by that one line on his facebook profile.
Today i went to him moody, seeking comfort. I din't get the comfort i wanted, but i learnt so much more (:
I guess I've been focusing so much on all the negative stuff that i forget to credit myself for the stuff i have done. Still, i dream of being that wondergirl, the one who can do everything she wants to achieve, time i really pushed that bit harder so that i stop letting myself down.

Thank you baby, for once, someone says something that truely helps that deviates from the usual pacifying. It's always nice to coat your thoughts with a bit of far-fetched fluff, to make it seem that tad more appealing, more unique. But it's the smart ones who douses theirs in practicality, because there is only that far that fluff can bring you. (: You get what i mean, you're one of the smart ones. My mind's always clouded with fluff, so we make a good balance.

I'm glad you enjoy loving me, because i enjoy loving you just as much.
At least we know this is one thing we aren't doing wrong (:

I had some minor self-love adventures today, it was great.
Like kohl and rouge <3

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