Tuesday, September 01, 2009

damn tired.

5.30 am. finally done with a bit, like a bit bit of Keelova's stuff.
The site, the rough layout, still not very happy with it and i wished i were adobe-smart and read html codes like normal english words, then i wouldnt be struggling so much.
Nope, still not done with stock take,
yes, room still looks like a warzone.
Supposed to wake up at 7.30 am later on....
i HAVE TO. have a ton of things i need to do.
Otherwise i will be damn broke and have zero dollars to pay for even my basic necessities.
2 months on my own and yes, i feel the mad pinch.
I hope i can get the event on monday together with anngie, it's too good to miss!
And so this was a random post.
And my week is already packed *phew*.

what's weird is how i feel so mad chatty and all,
yet what i really want is just to slump into my comfort zones with people i feel/still feel comfortable around with.
Life has this weird way of balancing things out,
when you close old doors, you open new ones.
Sometimes you revisit old ones, other times, that moment never comes back again.
Just a nagging feeling, but i doubt some of those old doors would ever open up again,
or did they ever?

Either way, i should stop trying to think rationally when it comes to relationships.
Rational in the sense of justifying my feelings and the need to right my actions to conform to politically correct standards, because it all feels like one big lie.
But i still do it -____-

More suntec outings? I missed the conjoined one today!
Looking forward to back to back action with 3Bs,
Bimbo, BI, Baby :D


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