Tuesday, August 25, 2009

throw my head back in laughter.

My daily dosage. Finally an afternoon that i take a breather and take a nap, to make up for the mere 2 hours of sleep. All the listlessness, angst, frustration, exasperation... finally all gone for that few short hours. For the pillar of support who has been there, been guiding me, been keeping me going - thank you baby (:

Fapth was shit. The only question i did not study for was neoplasm, yet when i went in, all the other sneaky prick of a detail for everything else decided to take a detour and mess up about in my brain and *poof* there goes my grades. I'm crossing my fingers that i'll pass.

But what came after turned my mood around 180.
" What's your greatest wish now?"
" to see you "
" I'll grant you that wish"
we are so cheesy but i love it.
So there goes us with guotiaotang, aircon room and the nap... Fighting over who gets to be hugged first , who faces where, when's the switch.. then a happy knockout.

Mad exhausted. Apart from the daily trainings ( of which i'm dying from because it's all LA) ending at 11, there's me trying to cram in the studying yet still taking note of the shop, fretting about money...
I have to learnt to breathe and take things one step at a time.

And my thoughts. I think i need to stop fighting a war against the world.
and also to stop squawking like baby everytime i do a wrong step,
and also to stop yelling profanities.

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