Sunday, August 30, 2009

blessings in disguise.

BI's journey has come to it's end and bittersweet it is. It's only been 1 day but the whole journey just seems so surreal, so farway from me. Chapter closed, but i'll be opening up more doors to myself.

Suntec was over in a jiffy, i missed the shop's opening ): , BI parted ways and the path came to an abrupt end. Everything, was so fast. Thank you BI , for all the mmrs and the support you guys gave me during the past few days when everything was a wreck.

And the wreck is now fixed. All the missed attempts of tug and shove that left me feeling so dejected, upset and angry now seem so trivial. I guess the harder i got hit, the more i learnt; of how it isn't the smooth sailing parts but the rocky stages that determines how far we'll go- That truely prices it's worth. We made it past this one (:

The greatest blessing in disguise, was the coming home and reigniting the slightly and unknowingly strained relationship. Today was a great day filled with the people that i love, at the right moments.

Now is the time for the shop :D
and my dreaded sub papers D:
pray that mgen is the only one i have.
*cross fingers desperately*

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