Friday, August 28, 2009

Basic Instinct.

It's tomorrow, BI either ends our journey or we make it on.
The latter's what i want, what i really really want.
And i know that's what the other 5 of my sexaye-like-a-somboaaaady-bi want (:

That one last time we did full out, i could feel everyone just dying out but we still held on.
The last few words rahim said to us before the last run just made me tear like mad.
It's been a mad stressful past few days, with things around me going wrong all the time.
But now, everything is worth it.
Every single bit of it.
I'd say i practically screwed up all my papers because of training but if i had a choice, i'd never exchange good results for these 2 weeks of training.

We've all seen a lil of the "nasty" side of one another, be it the short fuses, the moodiness, the anger... But i'm just really glad that at any one time there will always be someone who's alright, someone who would pull the group together again, it's very subtle, but the mere presence is more than enough. I'd say, no one group of my friends have ever seen so much of a side of me (:
seen me getting frustrated, seen me moody, seen me crying so badly, seen me so loud, seen me spewing vulgarities so much.
It's all very negative side but yea, when people can accept you when you bare all your ugly little flaws, it's awesome.
really, it is.

Thank you for today BI, really, when i was so down you guys just kept trying to get my mood up, with all the comforting and advices and offers to help ( haha sorry keith, i sooo just smacked you down with that " no don't, you will die" line ). XIE XIE NI MEN. like a sombooooaaaddyyy. ah i don't want to stop watching ownage prank call videos with you guys. After this we shall have our BI picnic and drinking session okay?

and we'll really make tomorrow worth it.
all the stress we've been feeling, all the demoralised moments, how we broke down one by one, all our sacrifices.
We gotta burn the stage with and redeem ourselves (:
okay wan an.

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