Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Ipod back in my arms :)

Photos up there are all zsa's, awesome huh. They're just an apt visual description of how i'm feeling now. The past few days have really been insanely whirlwind and i'm glad it's toned down a bit, yea, i guess i could deal with mellow feelings. At least they don't drive me nuts that much.I'll try and keep to my 3/4 motive (: i'll try my best. motive, goals, everything.

ko night was great (: the battles were mostly just nerve gripping, like aaaaaaahhhhh. Like i'll be so transfixed on the dancers, seeing if they'll catch all the beats and the antics. yet at the same time, i'll be all hyped up. i presume it feels like getting a high on vodka redbull, like a tug-o-war between two ends of the spectrum.

I don't ever forget. i wished you'll at least, notice and remember?
It is sad that when certain things arent displayed quite so literally, people tend to just skim over whatever you've done and fail to realise the small things you've been doing.
Yet at the same time, these are the things that set those apart.

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