Monday, May 11, 2009

everything came back today,
from the old, to the new.
all i felt was the rawness and the confusion.
and this was the first time, 3 whole hours. non-stop.
my feelings and thoughts are in a mess, a contradictory mess.
but it's times like this that i realise my true feelings.
that i realise how much of a wreck i really am?
i guess regardless of how much i tell myself to be realistic, i always sugarcoat everything when i'm happy.
definitely sitting on my emotional swing again.

to everyone who has sms-ed me:
even my nokia army phone has ceased on me, and sorry to those getting multiple replies before that also.

thank you nana, briyanni, gen, kevin, liting, estee and lastly ady.
i appreciate it all AND I'LL BE FINE LAAAAAH :D
this is normal.

for now, i'm glad that just this once, my extreme thoughts and actions din kick up. i swear they scare the shit out of me sometimes when my mind is clear and i'm emotionally sober again.

you know like how when you watch a drama and you "feel" along with the characters and sometimes infuse your thoughts in like. WHY IS SHE LIKE THAT. WHY DIN SHE DO THIS. WHY DID SHE CHOOSE THAT GUY?!

i wonder what would people think about my life, if it were to be rolled into a drama?

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