Friday, April 24, 2009

garage battle in a few hours time. ah damn it, i feel unprepared .
what if i screw up big time and do waaaaaay worse than i usually do?
or if they give me rnb? or funk? the least i could do is not to "throw my own face"
okay time to just whack.
*cross fingers insanely*
bad time to have back injuries creeping back and a flu looming upon me.

had a nice loooong talk with zsa, and because of zsa i'm back to playing sutek's tomb!
i love that game on neopets, it's like the only one i play besides destruct-o-match.
hahahaha, yes i know, so loser.
it was great "girl talk " session with zsa, i kinda sorta out my thoughts.
a bit.
better than nothing, i guess certain things just have to keep moving forward.
or risk going on the ultimate downhill slide ):
and i know the feeling of being so frightened of it that i just feel like taking off in the opposite direction-
full force and turbo speed ahead.
for now, i'm living for the moment.

well yes, the heart and not the head at work here.

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