Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Battle and the Birthday.

Garage battle was cool albeit the fact that i screwed up by rushing. Still it was a great experience and the nerves din get to me as much as i expected it too, guess i was in semishellshocked stage since i kept thinking i was after ahlee. It felt like those really short sessioning sessions, maybe it's the feel of the event. The people there were really really just dope dope dope. definitely worth every single cent to be in that room watching the battle, serious eye opener (:

rushed over to coasta rhu just went the party was officially about to end ._. HAPPY 21st YESEN!
so i've only got 2 pics kop-ed from zhenyang's fb. pictures of our late night macdonald feast. see the insane amount of sauce and fries?

some bantering between zhenyang and the mac guy over the line about sauces. after them not having this and that, he finally went:
" okay then give me 6 bbq, 6 curry sauce and all the chilli and ketchup that you have. "
and when they din allow that, he went back to arguing with the guy about how unfair it was to not allow us to have so much sauce. we won in the end :D

zhilin has the most awesome awesome, absolutely grand-to-the max, most beautiful house i have ever stepped foot into. cross my heart man, i was rendered speechless when i stepped into both the houses. the first one was already WHOA. the second one was WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA. it is like justin says " A FREAKING PALACE " . *dreams madly*

we wound up TITANIC-ing. a bit wth but that was the only show besides the corrupted Borat dvd. i ended up half sleeping and waking up at selected movies to shift about, take in some titanic and continue sleeping. The otherwise rather solemn, heavy hearted titanic was spruced up by none other than km,joseph and justin with their hokkien translation and pretending to loveydovey act like jackandrose HAHHA.

my favourite part in the whole movie is actually the end. the part whereby she leans slightly off the dock and drops the diamond into the sea. it's so sweet and sad. and then seeing the lights and all flooding the ship and it going back to it's magnificent state with all the people and all the merry make. I like the feeling it had of going back in time to that one memory that's etched so deeply and fondly. i like it, alot. Like sweet reminisce and going back to when it really mattered.

Really enjoyed myself and having their company (: the way their friendship in the group works, it's different from anything i've ever experienced. It's like truely having an extended family whom you can just truely trust and rely on anytime. It's just different, and really special (: maybe it's also the real family ties amongst the few of them that binds the group together so strongly. And dance, definitely plays a part.

I guess, it's time i truely came to terms with the fact that certain things will just happen-
good or bad.
some things that are within our will to control, just arent meant to be controlled.
and should just happen.

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