Monday, March 16, 2009



pic cred to kat (:
it's on a fri and sat, details all on the poster! do come down to support! let me know if you want ticket but i need payment first. so ya, LET ME KNOW! (:

i have actually told just about everyone around me to come except my family members, i don want them to see me dance. at .all.

it's not some whole issue about not being close or me disliking my family and stuff, it's just that, i feel weird. i remember the LAST time they actually watched me dance was TALENTINE FINALS IN 2006, and it was only my bro. That was awkward enough for me after the whole thing. whenever i dance at home, i freeze up everytime someone walks past which leaves me with only dance with tpde. gah stupid phobia. i need to stop being so afraid of people looking at me dance, it's.too.ironic.

STACCATO. like what jesscy said " YAO BREAKTHROUGH! " ahaha jessscy is so awesome, she feels so motherly.

how to do staccato?
" time stop "

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