Monday, March 16, 2009


3.22 am

i should be sleeping at this moment, considering how i have dance in less than 7 hours and i need to wake up in 5 more.
but i cant. plus i slept for 16 hours straight, from 5pm to 9 am- straight, like a dead log. so it does seem wrong to sleep now, no?

haven had much time to think through stuff these past few days.
everything's been routine: wake up, wash up, pack my stuff, search for depleting dancewear, go for dance.
routine, plus peppered with on the whim of the moment happenings.
so that leaves me with, zilch.
like ze-ro-o time to plan to think about what i wanna do = life is quite a mess now.
a literal mess.

my room has been in utter chaos and i know, cummy has been closetly wanting to murder me for this since the end of exams.
i've yet to pack my notes, yet to pick up my clothing strewn all over the place ( plus they get more and more each day ), yet to organise my room.
i need to learn to be neater. i cant really stand mess, but then again like wth, i LIVE in mess, ironic-oxymoronic moment, really.
aiya, room damn messy, another day lah.
aiya, still messy, tmr.
NN WHY SO MESSY?! sian, no mood.
stupid.vicious.cycle of procrastination.

time to do something about the mess.

and just a few days back, on a cold rainy day,
i had this insane urge to just sit by the breakwater- in the rain.

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