Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hakeem and i after dance's photoshoot for the concert. Not much of a camwhore because i feel awkward and un... yep. i hate my wisdom teeth, it is really all their fault. dance has been on a backtrack for me, which is so crack. i've gotta do something fast.

rahim's class tmr, margins margins. as much as i'd like to go, the thought of learning choreo is scaring me a tad bit, i just feel like sessioning and sessioning and self practicing till i can feel my body again. today was horrible, i was so out-of-control and out-of-focus. everything after dance was this emotional flunctuating curve, but mostly good. another dimension of reality and i saw a rainbow today, a really gorgeous one. rainbows always temporarily sugarcoat my thoughts, making me lie to myself that the grass is always greener on my side.

went backpack hunting for a while and saw quite a few which caught my eye, i should stop carrying my totes before i break my back. considering how heavy my bag always is, it's not surprising. I MISS MY IPOD. want to meet leslie tmr just to get it sigh.


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