Friday, January 16, 2009

I . Have . To . Do . This .
bad day today, after my cats broke my mum's pelican for the 3rd time.
it's like waaaaaaay worse than yesterday.
the usual wallowing in ABSOLUTE self-pity and crying my eyes out and getting depressed happens.
thank god for cummy, i swear he's one of the best things that happened to me.
because without him,
i would be :
this slobbery-mildlyanorexic-yet-not-seeing-results-improportionate person who has an EXTREME self esteem prob ( zsa and kesh i swear, it's like so much better now. ZSA WOULD HAVE KILLED ME WITH HER RADICAL WAYS IN THE PAST ).

so anyway, i should be glad that life is better now.
albeit the fact that my mum is so IN-YOU-FACE angry with me for not looking out for whiskas.
but god-damnit, she's too cute to get angry with.
the super bad day phase just spiralled when mumsy said all that stuff.
i swear, she made me feel like the worst daughter on earth.

cummy went all " tell her imagine if she were the one lah, how to react ? "
i don talk back to people.
i just swallow in all the lashings (fair/unfair) and get bitter.
le pathetic.

guess i'll go hunting for more pelicans for my mum, hopefully that'll make her feel better :D

and because of the pelican issue
(.___. i cant believe a pelican caused all these shit, bloody birddd!!! )
everything got pushed back. whatever plans i had.

photos? gone.
projects? gone.
practising dance? gone.
studying? gone.
doing my accounts? gone.


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