Friday, January 09, 2009

Linger or fade.

lessons ended early today, like insanely early. i shouldn even have bothered waking up! went hunting for new togs, and i'm pretty amazed by how daring i've become in a sartorial sense. i cant believe i actually got polka dots .__.

i know there's an insane overflooding of reggae and sean paul, sorry, hardcore reggae fan here PLUS i couldn think of anything else.

went over to zsa's place after the hunting and IT WAS HELL FUN. i actually tried her hot pink maxi dress and the length was JUST RIGHT for me.... :D. it was fun trying out the different clothing, zsa looked absolutely fab in the military skirt and that funky ruffle top. plussss we took some, for our eyes only photos :3 okay, for kesh and nina's too. OH MY GOD IF PHY EVERY SEES THIS, PHY YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO OF ZSA IN THAT ULTIMATE BEACH GETUP!!!!!! PLUS THE COCONUT AND FRANGIPANI IN HAIRRRRRR!!!

i feel bad that phy wanted to help me take photos. i mean... JUST BORROW!!! i'm okay with it (:

dance tmr. i so need it.

linger lesser, fade faster.
move on.

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