Monday, January 05, 2009

it's 2.54 aM. i still feel pretty awake.
screwed my body clock up.
am i supposed to feel worried about the impromtu speech?
i dont like having to practise oral, make speeches infront of people i know.
"oral mode" comes on and usually it's bye-bye to my awkward speech be it in english /chinese.
and i become utltimate newscaster.
but that's last year.
no wait, last last year.
when i slogged so hard.
haven spoken that way in a long time.
and i don't feel like speaking that way in front of my classmates, but it's my grades.

lost quite a lot of appetie lately.
haven danced for a long time.

every worse case scenario of every possible situation is running through my mind now.
it is an ultimate mindf.

tell me, what am i supposed to feel?
who can i even talk to about this?
i said what i wanted but i'm not sure if it'll ever boil to that.

could there ever be a wrong for something that feels so right?

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