Monday, December 01, 2008


adults need to listen to the younger ones sometimes.
you're definitely hearing what i say, but you're not listening.
i may be 17, a far way from seeing as much of the world as you have but that doesn make my judgements any less worthy of consideration.
this something, this view of mine is something THAT I VERY STRONGLY FEEL YOU SHOULD ADVOCATE INTO YOUR ACTIONS.
sigggghhhhhhhh, all that money.
look at the long term look far.

On my own feet

i want to support myself.
i hate having to take my mum's money.
be it school/ dance/ compulsory stuff or my own happy spending,
i feel highly uncomfortable taking her money.

it's HER hard-earned money.
not mine.
it's the money she sloughed for, from that bloody-money-sucking-short-changing-company.
which i also very thoroughly dislike for turning my mum into a bitch.
i like my fluff-ball-bimbo mum so much more.
now there's always something to prove, something to fight for, losers without basic working etiquette to keep in hand.
the environment you're in can so change your personality,
blah take me for example.

back to the dough issue.
sigh my non-existent bank acct since 2000.
i mean i do contribute to the family spending overall, like how my cny money is never really mine, or how my edusave bursary/ scholarship money is once again never really mine, and most recently my $2000 ngee ann scholarship thing.
never got about to using the money i "earned" through these means.

i hope the second $2000 would be mine to keep.
my mum could just stop giving me allowance for the next few months and let me use MY $2000.
i'd feel so much better.
i could be spending $2000 of MINE as compared to $2000 of my mum's.
it'll be the same amount, but the VALUE to me is SO DIFFERENT.

i need to get a job, i need to find lobangs, to garner enough to reduce my mum having to give me money or BETTER STILL, stop her having to give me money.

that said, it doesn mean i'm doing this so that i can support my mum less next time.
i just feel bad and embarrassed using her money!

on a really random note. i like reading ads!
like those you see on the mrts (:
recently i noticed the child abuse one and my fave is one from some investment company.

its hard to see the difference between price and value in the stock market.
but between a $10000 shirt and a $10000 car,
the choice is obvious.

Worned- out, seasoned, aged, vintage.

i like the touch of the yellowing dog eared pages of an old well-read book.
i like the feel of wearing a pair of shoes so well-seasoned it feels like a second skin.
i like the smell of nostalgic reminiscence of a childhood past time.
i like the sight of vintage offerings brought to youthful life.
and i sincerely like old world charm (:

the beauty of old world charm.
when i see such pictures, i'll think of a time long ago when ladies were draped in elaborate kimonos, when samurais of true bred masculinity protected and fought, of a time when forbidden love could be found within castle walls, and when true extravagance for the rich is just so raw.
and also, a time when the simple life wasnt something people judged you on.
because most people accept their givings and don't clamber for so much more.

my honeymoon shall be in japan! hahaa better start saving now,
so that if i'm left on the shelf, I CAN STILL MAKE IT THERE.
to see the sakuras in full bloom.
that's a dream come true.
there's one of the very very very very very very very FEW pink things i actually like.

long post. bad day so i have a lot to say.
die term test dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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