Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i don know how guys can stare at the screen for so long dota-ing and not go blind. i swear, i really don. it intrigues me like a hell lot how my bro can go on a cabal marathon for 10 hours, not eat, not drink, not pee, not let his eyes leave the freaking screen.

cos i've been doing something NEAR that with bs.stuff and i fear i'm going blind.
i'm dead serious!!
my vision when i wore my newly made specs a month ago was perfect. damn it perfect.
now within 3 days. eveyrthing's starting to blur.
cummy brought me to the optician and he told me it's startling.
like 75 degree on each eye and astig increase of 50. IN ONE MONTH. ONE FREAKING MONTH.

told me to rest my eyes for 2 days. like not use the comp. BUT HOW CAN I WHEN I'M RUSHING STUFF FOR THE SHOP?!!!!!

sighhh. i'm going down to thomas' tmr.
today's optician said that if THERE is an increase, i might be referred to a doctor.
oh my , i feel like hyperventilating at the thought.

is it my grey contacts?
i dont know.

once i'm done with the stuff at the shop. i'm going to swear of long periods of eyeballing computer till the next update.

i'm genuinely afraid.

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