Tuesday, November 11, 2008

have got this hanging from my bedroom window. i really like the feeling it gives me (: a twak inexplicable though.

taken from tp library with my phone, i rmb it was a bad day. but getting all these shots made me feel a whole lot better.

そばにいる - 青山テルマ feat.SoulJa

stolen from alex's friendster profile (: really in love with this song.

wished i knew what it meant, alex tell me if you know okay!


sobzxzxzxzxzxzx hmmppfffffff.

reminds me ALOT of junwei and of course cummy.

IT IS 6.40 am ):

only slept two hours.

still not done.

cellb on thursday, rehearsal tmr.


i'm going to start hallucinating from the lack of sleep these few days.

bloody agglutination.


this time last year, i would have been partly rejoicing for it'll be the second last mcq o level.

and then tmr night last year, i'll be out night cycling with rh, malan, er, gx, cummy till the wee hours in the morning cruising along nicoll highway, sliding here there everywhere at the esplanade area and being high with malan at 3 in the morning while the guys are damn dulan. then crashing over at gx's place with his hotel like room and gigantic tv and all his branded shampoos.

i miss that period so much.

it was like salvation man, SERIOUS! after being cooped up for 2 months doing nothing else but reading my textbooks coupled with mental breakdowns and self esteem issues, i swear, 13 nov was like heaven.

26.11.08. a lil photo will be up 26.11.09.

damn. nostalgia overload, but i love that bittersweet feeling of yesteryears, every single detail is still pretty etched in my mind. I MISS YOU MALAN.

with what happened these two days, i thought alot about malan and gx (: okay, whatever happened wasn good but the thinking about them part was nice, like candy. haha weird, i know.

i'm really too naive and trusting for my own good.

like really. taken advantage of and have now decided to go back to being a doormat, cos closet rebellion is reallly phishshitzzx. no wonder i need a sense of security so much. well, not physically, i reckon i'll be able to protect myself in that sense. but when it comes to mind games, siggggggh i lose before ppl even play with me.


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