Thursday, September 18, 2008


i have like a ton of things i wanna blog about, but it's 3 am in the morning, i'm not sure how long i can sustain plus plus i haven uploaded a lot of photos into the computer.

namely pictures from :

1) zoo trip
2) nissin noodle packing
3)suntec dance
4)dance chalet
5) mutts and mittens!

that's quite alot but i'll do it asap.
i owe AH MU, DYANE and FISH the teachers' day pictures! SORRRY!!!

D.A.N.C.E <3 M.X.M

i wouldn say i'm right up to my neck with dance but there's definitely quite a bit of commitment going on. BUT I'M LAPPING UP EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THE MOMENT AND LAVISHING IT.

it's like after that syf incident, i kinda forgot what it felt like to truely appreciate my body in it's dancing form.and then those sickening injuries, it's like a harsh reality check. Better late than never, i guess this would be my prime learning period. With the different styles and instructors, a whole new dance revelation to me. it was always deng lao shi and his DENG! DENG! DENG! movements ( cue to allegiance dancers (: ), so it's like a sudden breath of fresh air.

there's like gin, ryan, an an and xuehui. i hope my dance will be able to improve with the upcoming performance and o school recital. and dang.. RYAN IS THE MAN. LIKE DOPE.

everytime i walk out of his lesson, i learn something new. it isnt so much of the techniques but rather the mindset and the understanding of your body.

" teach your muscle ! ", " explore your body! ".. his words are so gratifying and inspiring. i could just go through the entire lesson listening to him educate and feel like i haven wasted a lesson.

my body's been working hard. my muscles feel so much firmer and maybe larger T_T, heaven forbid. why cant i have that nice svelt figure most girls have. sigh, i guess that really bites into me esp during modern. everytime i bang into any one of the girls i'm so scared i'll break their bones. i feel like an oxen beside them RAWR and there are those jibes. B B B B B B B B B. ): sigh. once, twice it's never a suffice. hide it , hide it!

sorry for all that. small smiles hide great meanings, little actions are sometimes just a subtle masquerade for my thoughts. i know i wont come clean anytime soon, but i've got your back and you've got mine. that's all that matters right now right? because every night, i count my blessings and you're one of them. ITS YEARS FOR US. YEARS SINCE WE'VE MET. I LOVE YOU LAH OKAY!

LONG OVER DUE PICS. like, revision time?! from the snackings to the sleepings to the honey hearts to the drawings. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT MY CUMMY!!! (: i love my cummy.

and kesh! i hope those honey hearts could cheer you up! (: take care of those knees!

Then there's teachers' day pictures. Nostalgia overload, celebration ended irritably early this year. Leaving me lost, trying to scout for my teachers. i din see so many ): and that YES and his GIGANTIC FRUITS IDEA. YOU KUKUNADAN. I CARRY GIGANTIC BANANAS AND PINEAPPLE AND SOURSOP FOR CUMMY AND YOU BRING ONE LIME. ONE LIMEEE!!!!!!!
._. so malu lugging those fruits around. brozal would have excellent bowel moments if he ate all those bananas like SUPERB.

TAN EC. as much as i think she's cute and randomly funny with her sushi rice explanations, BUT SORRY I STILL DON LIKE HER TEACHING. MR NG OWNS! damn i miss his lessons ):

and of course all up there are my cute and funny empathian boys (: sushi boy, changbuttbutt, chinkeong, PHD! .. so many of them . life is a lil more boring without them. K1 boys are like F4, kinki kids and ryan and kk! haha. Empathia boys are like FAMILY.

Dear Chung Cheng,
You're so beautiful and i miss you like love to the nth degree.

and my lovely empathians play basketball! damn i miss my lao po!

a walk down memory lane,

that familiar walkway of my entire sec4 life.

that then messy classroom, which always felt like home every day- from the perthy weather season, to the tea appreciation post happiness, to the happy yellings, to the taupoks... mmmhmmm. my dosage of nostalgia.

haha my table up there ! with the flower and somewhere, if you look carefully, you'll spot ayozi (:

laopo's carving on the door hinge, hopefully it'll stay there for a long time to come.

that area outside classroom where laopo and i always mugged at before a paper because the empathians were always too noisy inside.

it's been a year.

a year since the dreaded o's and a year since all that trauma.

but it still feels like yesterday.

like yesterday that laopo was decked in white, and not green.

like yesterday that she was fervently mugging with me and not laughing.

like yesterday that i stared at my feet seeing white canvas shoes and not slippers.

like yesterday that i donned my white skirt and not my flowy floral one.

like yesterday that i was back in chung cheng, preparing for my future.

time is passing and it's slipping away, like the speed of a ray of light.

haha and they never did let dyane have much of a normal photo.

LIKE LOVE. xxxxxxx

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